We sell and manage homes under court order in receivership.

A receiver is a person or entity that has been appointed by a court to manage, hold, or liquidate property according to court order.

As a real estate receiver we have seen some brutal fights over what to do with real property and we’ve made those transaction simple for all parties involved.

Once appointed, most cases are resolved in five weeks. That’s how our real estate firm is different. For over ten years, we have been tackling the toughest real estate transactions, including handling real estate receiverships.

Normally, receivers charge twenty percent (20%) of the total amount recovered. So for a $100,000.00 real estate transaction the receiver receives $20,000.00 – an enormous amount. Our firm charges only six percent (6%) plus a receiver fee of $1,500.00 for properties we sell and twenty percent (20%) a month plus a receiver fee of $1,500.00 for properties we manage.