Three Things Homebuyers Should Know Before Buying

So you’re considering buying a home? Here are the three most important things the professionals at Crescent Real Estate Group want you to know before you begin your search process.

Check your credit worthiness. Have a lender share with you how much you can qualify for and get a lender letter. You can’t make an offer on a home until you have your financing in place. We can connect you with a competent lender.

Know what you want in a home. There’s no need to drive around looking at two bedroom homes with no garage when you need a four bedroom with a two car garage. We can set up a customized search to give you only the homes that fit your criteria.

Place an offer and wait for closing. Your Realtor will prepare and write an offer, if accepted you’ll wait for the documents to be drawn up. During this time you’ll be expected to pay for inspections and an appraisal. It’s important during this time not to make dramatic changes that will effect your credit score.